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Here are some pictures of my book which contains 205 pictures, 77 color ones. The 704 pages are 17 x 24 cm large. They are completed by 3 fold out color pictures of the Sun with a size of up to 17 x 48 cm.

Modern observatories publish their newest results in Internet. In my book, loops and other antigravitational motions together with their new electric explanations are shown via recent Internet-pictures. For example:

Filaments are moving electric charges. Also amateur astronomers made photos about them:

The invisible electric and mechanic processes inside the Sun and other stars could be now electrically understood and sketched. For the very first time, these processes are consistent with the measurements. For example, the old
sunspot-observations and the new Ulysses measurements are explained in all details:

more pictures and drawings are to be found in my book, certainly: