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This clear map of the soft X ray telescope (Yohkoh SXT) also suggests the diametrical opposite positions of the explosion-nests. These nests as yellow and red areas show positive charges i.e. anodes which emit X ray. One rotation of the Sun reveals the two largest nests (yellow) at about the Carrington longitudes of 160º and 160º+180º = 340º. These main nests exactly lie also on opposite latitudes. The corona is similar to a 500 000 km high red fire above the disc-edge on the right and on the left. It is more missing on the north (below the number “1855”) and shows the stronger southern activity. The two lowest corona lie also diametrically in the range of the longitudes 135º and 135º+180º = 315º. The coronal holes are black. A large one is seen mostly on the north between 90º and 300º where the negative charge was not overbalanced by ions. The electromagnetic model does not explain the many other small active regions (yellow) at e.g. 5º. (via INTERNET; NASA ISAS Japan)

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