The Electric Universe Gallery
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The rigid body - a sphere of a mass of 98.3% and of a diameter of 70% - gets the positive and negative charges from the core as an electric map (+++++ on this border). The granules (ovals) rotate on this sphere of 70% . They pick up these charges of the map and copy it on the surface as Xerox-cylinders. The positively charged whirls (on the right) produce northern (N) poloid field according to the right hand rule. The surface emits these charges: the negative areas (— — — “Italy” and “Anti-Italy”) as solar wind, the positive areas (+++++++) as coronal loops. Italy (— — — above) rotates rigidly because it is only the copy of a “DEEP-ITALY” which lies on the border of the rigid body. DEEP-ITALY is continually fed by the thermoelement-electrons from the core.

The book: "The Electric Universe" by Dr. László Körtvélyessy

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